The August Edition of The Big Thrill

There are between 600,000 and a million books published annually in the US alone. That’s a lot of books! With so many fresh titles—and debut authors—hitting the shelves, it’s sometimes easy to forget that many writers have been churning out page-turners for decades. In this issue of The Big Thrill, we pay tribute to some of those authors. Sandra Brown’s BLIND TIGER marks her 88th publication. Joy Fielding’s CUL-DE-SAC is her 29th book. VORTEX is the 26th installment in Catherine Coulter’s bestselling FBI series. These are successes worth celebrating. And speaking of success, be sure to check out Rick Pullen’s enlightening feature on international superstar Peter James. This month, we go Between the Lines with the incredible Megan Abbott, and get up close with more than 40 authors of gripping thriller, mystery, horror, and suspense titles. The August issue of The Big Thrill is live now—and it’s sizzling!

Bad Scene by Max Tomlinson

1978 San Francisco. When PI and ex-con Colleen Hayes learns that a local neo-Nazi group is talking about shooting the mayor, she thinks it’s just another rumor—until her source, a humble street…

Framed to Die by Ann Simas

By Charlie Cochrane Prolific author Ann Simas has been writing since her teens, though her first book wasn’t published until years later. Though she has written standalone novels and short stories, most…

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The latest thrillers from Catriona Ward, William McIlvanney & Ian Rankin, Isabella Maldonado, Vera Kurian, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Stephen Graham Jones, Brian Andrews & Jeff Wilson, William Nikkel, Tori Eldridge, Karen Hugg, Brandon Barrows, E. Chris Ambrose, Ginny Myers Sain, Geza P. Tatrallyay, J.D. Allen, Elizabeth Blake, Sheila Lowe, James B. Cohoon, Traci Hunter Abramson, Fred Zackel, Vicki Delany, James R. Benn, Zoje Stage, DiAnn Mills, Rebecca Hodge, Winter Austin and many more!

Devil by the Tail by Jeanne Matthews

By George Ebey Historical intrigue is the name of the game in the latest thriller from author Jeanne Matthews. In it, the audacious young widow of a Union soldier and an unvarnished…

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