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We’re springing into the season with a fresh crop of thrillers, an exclusive new promotional opportunity for ITW members, and writing advice from some of the best authors in the genre. Want to ramp up your daily word count? Read K.L. Romo’s feature story on genre superstar J.T. Ellison, who aims for 2,000 words a day. Looking for a novel with a gut punch of a first chapter? Add Alex Finlay’s EVERY LAST FEAR to your TBR, STAT! Interested in giving readers a taste of your new thriller? You’ll definitely want to check out ITW’s First Chapters program. Michael Sears gets the scoop on the latest Tony Park thriller in Africa Scene, Neil Nyren interviews Sarah Penner in this month’s BookTrib Spotlight, and we get Up Close with Heather Graham, Dean Koontz, Don Bentley, Alma Katsu, C.J. Tudor and nearly 50 more authors of hot new releases. The March issue of The Big Thrill is live now!

Dazzlepaint by Erica Obey

Gavin Fellowes, a damaged WWI veteran turned cynical psychic investigator, arrives in Ker-Ys, a Utopian art colony in Woodstock, NY, to investigate a series of purported fairy kidnappings of Communist garment workers…

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The latest thrillers from Joshilyn Jackson, David Baldacci, J.D. Barker, Bryan Christy, S.A. Lelchuk, Wendy Heard, Clay McLeod Chapman, Stu Jones & Gareth Worthington, Adele Parks, Debbie Babitt, Jessica Hamilton, Paula Munier, Elle Marr, Kris Calvin, Elizabeth Goddard, Emmeline Duncan, M. L. Buchman, Alicia Beckman, Glenn A. Bruce, Sue Hinkin, John A. Connell, Eric J. Gates, Lee Jackson, Kathryn Casey, Larysa Rychkova and many more!

Her Perfect Bones by Ellery Kane

When a girl’s body is found hidden in a barrel in a woodland cabin, the local police are at a loss. The film from an old camera found looped around her neck…

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