The April Edition of The Big Thrill

Overnight success is rare in the publishing world—more often it requires years of persistence, patience, practice. It’s about playing the long game, says this month’s Between the Lines author, J.D. Barker. In this issue of The Big Thrill, genre greats like David Baldacci, Cate Holahan, Elizabeth Goddard, and Paula Munier share insight into what it takes to find writing success, debut authors Debbie Babitt, Kris Calvin, and Jessica Hamilton give us a glimpse into their publishing journey, and Larysa Rychkova provides an exclusive look at her new thriller as part of ITW’s First Chapters program. Africa Scene takes us to Kwei Quartey’s latest novel, and we get up close with Elle Marr, Adele Parks, Clay McLeod Chapman, Wendy Heard and dozens more writers who are chasing their publishing dreams. The April issue of The Big Thrill is live now!

Blackout by Marco Carocari

After a drug-fueled encounter with a random hookup leaves Franco DiMaso the only witness to a murder, he not only makes a most unreliable witness, but quickly graduates to being the cops’…

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The latest thrillers from Mary Kubica, Linwood Barclay, Catherine McKenzie, Carter Wilson, Kaira Rouda, Lara Bazelon, Mary Keliikoa, Jake Tapper, R.G. Belsky, Dale Brown, Chris Bohjalian, Brian Silverman, David Yoon, Stephen Hunter, Anne Tibbets, Mia P. Manansala, Jaime Lynn Hendricks, May Cobb, Carole Johnstone, Demetra Brodsky, S.M. Freedman, Amy Suiter Clarke, Becky Clark, Brian Klingborg, Belle Ami, Donis Casey, Elizabeth Heiter, Chris Lloyd, Melissa Koslin and many more!

Fatal Conceit by John Ritter

A new PI joins an eminent list, bursting with humor, pugnacity, and a leaky moral code, bent on one-upping San Francisco’s finest while wooing a prosecutor-turned-lover. A talented investigator, Beaupre muddles through…

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